Communication between your property manager and you will always be treated as a priority.

To ensure there is no mixed communication you will be assigned a senior property manager who looks after all the aspects of your property from securing a tenant, signing the tenancy agreement, notifying you of any maintenance, routine inspection reports including all of the day to day property management requirements to successfully manage your investment property.

M-Motion property managers are required to complete monthly reports to ensure quality control and communication procedures are strictly adhered to.

You will be contacted for approval on all non-emergency maintenance to seek approval to prevent any of those surprise expenses. Emergency maintenance advice will be sought from you, though we will have to act in your best interest if you are not available or contactable as per the management agreement.

M-MOTION have mastered the process of maintaining an investment property with qualified and experienced tradesmen and skilled property managers.

Online access:

Online access provides you with 24/7 information on your property from copies of your past statements, to pending maintenance awaiting approval.

Modern technology:

Digital reports for routine inspections, including photos (subject to tenant approval) and detailed text to ensure you receive accurate reports.

Mid and End of month payments:

We understand that you may rely on frequent payments, we are able to pay mid-month and at the end of each month.

Urgent one off payment:

We understand times can be tough and you may require an urgent release of current funds held prior to your standard disbursement, upon written request we can disburse a payment to you sooner. (Subject to availability)