Potential does not deliver results, Performance delivers results.

Peak performance starts by taking responsibility for the entire process that ultimately delivers the end result. It is for this reason that at M-Motion, the sale of your home will be treated as a standalone project.  Our experience has proven time and time again that both elusive results and premium prices are readily attainable when correct process is combined with strategy, skill and hard work.

The M-Motion process starts with your ‘Success Blueprint’, a customised roadmap to the successful sale of your home, designed and prepared by our team specifically for you and your property.

At M-Motion our processes, systems and strategic marketing together with ‘award winning’ professional ability has significantly enhanced the service and support on offer to those wishing to sell what is often their most valuable asset.

Over the last ten years we have lived through the greatest communication evolution of our time. The way in which we now communicate, connect and engage with the world around us has forever changed.

If you want to be outstanding, you must stand out.

Further, the importance and significance of ‘market perception’ and the management thereof, is a critical component of attracting success to your selling campaign.

Our marketing and media focus gives your home a substantial competitive edge.   Whether it be your customised website and online presence, our specialist property photographers, our expert cinematographers, our copy writers, our social media strategies or our print capability, you are being looked after by Australia’s best, evidenced by our consistently superior quality and standards.

As one of the earliest pioneers of HD broadcast quality video based marketing and over 10 years hands-on experience Michael Mahon has overseen the production of nearly 2000 video presentations.  Our understanding, know-how and proficiency is world class.

Our extensive database and professional networks extend well beyond the local marketplace.  With international migration and foreign investment at an all time high the world is now your marketplace.  At M-Motion we do more, so you achieve more…

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