A citizen of the world, Jonathan has had the opportunity to travel the globe and live in several different countries, his dog Frankie has even travelled to 5 different countries. Some of his friends have nicknamed him commonwealth Jono because he was made in South Africa, has English blood, he is a New Zealand citizen and most importantly, he is proud to call Australia home.

In his youth Jonathan competed in several sports on an International level including swimming, triathlon and rowing. His discipline and desire to compete has continued on to his professional career.

When he is not travelling the world with his family, Jonathan loves to spend his down time enjoying the Gold Coast lifestyle, surfing, deep-sea scuba diving and riding his bike through the mountains and surrounding hinterland that abounds the GC.

Jonathan joined M-Motion in 2020 on the strength of a diverse sales and marketing career spanning over two decades. During this time, he has had the privilege of running his own attraction marketing company servicing a vast array of different industries and employing up to 60 staff at any given time.

This experience and background have afforded Jonathan the opportunity to witness the evolution of modern-day marketing, and the importance of evolving with and staying ahead of today's fast-moving times. He has lived and breathed marketing across multiple different verticals and is now bringing his vast knowledge and experience of modern-day marketing principles to the real estate industry.

This immeasurable experience coupled with the fusion of good business practices makes Jonathan one of the very few real estate agents in the world that is able to marry these sought-after traits together. Understanding the need for structure, the need for planning and a well-executed and timely marketing plan makes Jonathan a perfect fit for the team at M-Motion.


Professional Awards and Accolades


Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate)


RG146 Financial Services License


Google AdWords Certification


Masters of Business Administration


Bachelor of Science


Diploma in Business Management

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